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"Damsels in distress" , "Femdom" , "Kigurumi bondage" and "breath-control"

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Various genres

Damsels in distress :
Female bondage. Bound and Gagged, Chloroformed and Kidnapped.
Femdom :  Female dominates male. Total enclosure bondage, Forced smell and Breath control.
Kigurumi :
Cosplay with anime character-masks and Furry bondage.
Inflatable float :
Bondage in modified pool toys. Inflatable double-layered orca, crocodile, etc.
Total bondage: Mummification, Body-sacked, Confinement in cage , locker, wardrobe, etc.
Breath control: Multi-layered gag, Bagged, Hood, Vacuum bed, etc.

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Damasels in distress / Femdom / Kigurumi / Inflatable float / Total bondage & Breath control

[Damsels in distress]

Kidnapped princess, lady, maid, student and cosplay girls, are bound and gagged.
"Mmggnn...mmmmph! (Help me! Please! ) "


Sadistic girls and mistresses dominate and torment boys.
Forced crossdress, Gagged with used panty, Body-sacked and Breath control, more bondage...


Forced crossdress, Forced smell

Feeling from bottom's side


Total bondage, Breath control



Cute cosplay with anime character's mask. And Furry.
Restricted sight, breath and movement.
'Lione' is our beloved princess.
Many movies and photos of Kigurumi bondage play with our friends.

[Inflatable float]

Inflatable pool toys are funny fetish tools to get transformation, bondage and suffocation.
Modified double-layered orca, crocodile and other animals restrains person
inside by air pressure.
They looks cute, but the inside person feels very tight bondage and suffocation.

[Total bondage & Breath control]

Zentai, Bodybag, Packing, Mummification, Vacuum bag and vacuum bed.
We like suffocation situations in bondage.
Many movies and photos from play with our friends.

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