About "Wabi-Sabi-Moe"

Welcome to "Wabi-Sabi-Moe".
For all people who love bondage.

The conception of Wabi-Sabi-Moe is Damsels in distress.
We enjoy role-play-bondage in Japanese style.

Heroines are chloroformed and abducted, then they are bound and gagged and made helpless.

Our galleries contain not only damsels in distress but also more fetish play.
eg) Total enclosure, Sacked, Mummification, Breath control, Heavy Gag, Femdom and more.

Site owners are Hotaru and Yuki.
"Nekonekorin" is our collective name.
(Hotaru + Yuki = Nekonekorin)
We are a married couple.

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Hotaru (Husband) : I like various bondage play and I have many fetishes. ex) over the nose gag, confinement in very small closed place, Suffocation play.
I like fairies & monster girls (ex. Mermaid, Vampire, Elf...), Some special materials (ex. Leather, Rubber, Vinyl, PVC, Satin, Silk...).

Yuki (Wife) : I like cosplay and bondage. I have a lot of costumes. (Japanese Kimono, Chinese dress, Wedding dress, Maid, Gothic Lolita, Many Anime Characters, Game Characters, and Comic Characters)

Aina, Karin, Haruka, Nagi, Miu, Miyu (Models) : Our Friends. They really love to be bound and gagged!

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Hello, nice to meet you.^^
We welcome all 'bondage lovers' from all over the world.
We hope that you join our members. And let's enjoy bondage together!

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